The sun is shining… my one year anniversary is tomorrow and I am running out of superlatives.

My boys were completely up for WW1 today despite the stiffling temperatures in my classroom… I have one more lesson to teach (I would have 4 but my year 12s are on leave)… I have to invigilate one exam and then I can go play in the summer sunshine.

The one lesson that I have left is with my year 11's and this is the last time that I teach them unless they are doing history next year. Some are going to a different 6th form and so I may never ever see them again. this makes me sad.

So on that note – I am going to track down some kosher chocolate to make them smile.

N x x x


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I can’t believe it…

I still don't really know how to 'use' this be-log…

Today I spent an hour or two talking about the finer points of John Prescotts trousers, then I spent a friendly hour designing coats of arms with crayons and glue. (Unfortunately I didn't notice the one with the willy and the machine gun until I was marking them later on. It was well drawn though.)

At lunch, a rabbi told me that I look just like a daffodil today… Then, I have just been intructing 25 12 year old boys in the art of witchcraft…

God, I LOVE this job. I can't believe that I get paid to hang out and play and laugh and discuss and teach. I can't believe how well my kids do and how much fun we have! If you are thinking of being a teacher… do it do it do it!!!!

After my year 8's had finally dragged their feet in the direction of the PE hall, I found 2 of my year 12s waiting for me to help with their revision. A fun filled 30 minutes in Stalins labour camps and now I am sipping tea and waiting for the bell to go so that my mate can drive me home and I can glitter up for the theatre tonight.

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Mmmm mmm

My kids have been asking me today if its great not having to sit exams as they gear up for their big scary's and start dropping off my radar and into exam leave. Bye bye year 12, year 13 and year 11…

 Actually, its worse for me this time around. For the last few weeks I've been far more stressed and upset by the thought of any of them not doing so well, than I ever was by myself. I suppose it is a control thing – I could choose to revise (or not) myself, but I can't make these guys remember things and learn things and its driving me crazy.

 However, I am wearing a new skirt today – and this makes my soul smile. How can anyone be stressed when they look like a dolly?

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Yum yum

So, we had a talk… the boy and I, with it being a year since we met and all… and we thought it would be quite nice if he moved in with me, in a couple of months… it makes sense you see, on paper, but even if it didn’t then I love him with all my heart and want to wake up next to him every day. Forever. Apart from anything else, he makes a great cup of tea.

We went to Birmingham to celebrate one of my closest friends engagement this weekend. I suspect her beloved might be having second thoughts since the incident with the champagne and pimms and the PS2 sing star… I can only apologise for my part in the whole horrible situation. Repeat after me… I do NOT sound like Madonna, I DO NOT sound like Madonna!
Oh dear.

In other news, my father is sick and I am worried 😦 I am going to Israel and Africa this summer 🙂 (not together) and on Thursday I am going to the theatre to expand my mind.


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There are some proper wierdos out there in the world of internet – no?

 This is my last week with my year 12s, who currently make up nearly half of the classes I teach a week. Next week I should be finding that I have far more spare time… Or at least I thought I would until coursework moderation reared its head, and 29 year 10 reports landed on my lap begging to be written!

Its been such a lovely year – I have loved almost every second of my job ever since I set foot in the school last September… I can't believe that I am down to my final term… and that next year I get to do it all again. The only down side is that I can't sunbath on the field – partly because we don't have one and partly because i suspect that the rabbis wouldn't like it!

I have asked that head master if I can set up a classics department from scratch and while he doesn't think that we have time for September, it certainly looks like it will be on the cards for next year… If I can have that pet baby project to play with than I will happily stay here for the forseeable future. It's an odd place, and certainly challenging – but it really suits me… I am a lucky girl.

Along the theme of dates and times, in about 10 days than it is the boy and my 1 year anniversary! Its amazing! I fancy him even more now than I did than (there again he has lost a stone and gained a tan, and at the end of the day I am disgustingly shallow). No-one in my life has cuddled me more, kissed me better or made me laugh so hard… and that is saying something as I have a charmed life!

Lucky lucky!

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Bits and bobs…

So, its the first day of a new term. The boys are sunburned, the teachers all have 2 weeks worth of hangovers and the sky is dull.

The staffroom is empty and I assume that everyone else has work to do, as do I as it happens – heaps of it… but I can't quite shake that 'can't be arsed' feeling.

In addition I have blushed 3 times this morning already, I really should try to get a grip of my blood flow. I'm hoping that my new and freckly tan might go some way to hiding it but the fact that the good looking PE teacher has made it known that he fancies me is really not helping.

When I was 14 I was a bit of a geek. I mean, not big time – I still smoked and drank with the best of them and hid the steady stream of A's that I seemed to pick up. One thing was for sure though – I didn't exactly have my pick of boyfriends! Now it seems very ironic that the best looking boy (well man actually) in school has a crush on me when I am all happy and content in my relationship… oh, and I'm 29! I wish I had a time machine so that I could go and tell the pasty faced mousey haired girl sobbing on her bed into her diary how life moves on.

As a final, and unrelated note – please don't pick me up on my spelling etc. here on my blog. This is my down time place, where I don't have to proof-read my work. Sometimes I just chose to hang out and relax – and it is certainly not an indication of how well I do my job. Which is very well, actually.

So lemon squash, or whoever you are pretending to be, please go back to 20six and leave me alone, you just can't be offended by what you don't read. And as a word of advice, I think your recent comments have made you look like to twat, not me – but that's probably why you didn't use your 'real' name.

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The sun.

One of the Rabbi's did a really touching assembly this morning about appreciating every tiny thing you hear and you see. Which is one of the reasons that I am so pleased that London had her best dress on today, and that my face felt warm and that the bus driver smiled.

 This is what the Rabbi quoted:


Happy holidays x 

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I have joined one of those scary clubs which mean that you get sticky ribbon and eyelets for 50p but you have to give them your soul in return. Its my scrapbook making obsession – it really has gone too far!!

In other news this week has been really not fun. I think its the waking up an hour early thing… it actually makes me a grumpy greasy haired monster. I need the weekend SOON. Still, one more week to my easter holidays. In your face all you sad bastards with real jobs.

Ha ha.

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Today it happened… the feeling

I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised – it’s what always follows with me when I am praised for my work. It’s the feeling that I don’t really want to do it any more…

This year has been the biggest challenge of my life, especially taking on Alevel history AND politics in my first year of teaching… and I am trying to get the kids the grades they deserve, which at my school are pretty bloody high. I just get this feeling though that in comparison next year will be rather, well, easy.

My boss wants to ‘fast track’ me which means getting more money and responsibilities and such. I have already refused the pastoral route (ie head of year) but it looks like I will be taking the teaching route and being sent around the shitty schools in the area demonstrating good teaching and learning. good for me!

Its nice to be recognised for hard work (not that I actually really work hard at all – I’m not the type) but I’m just not very good at ‘perfecting’… I’m much more of a make, do and leave kind of a girl… and yet all that is sensible in my head is telling me to stay.

I smile all day (because I love my job – I’m not mental or anything)

I am good at my job

I suit the school

My commute could be worse…

So why than do I have an overwelming desire to pack my bags and hot foot it over to America, Australia or Canada for a couple of years. Why?

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More things

Yesterday I talked a lot to my boys throughtout my 6 solid hours of teaching. Sometimes I remained on topic, but I spent a considerable part of the day explaining what Easter is and also explaining how you make a smartie shiny.

It was all very government adverty (until one of the boys told me that I was hot – tut tut tut). Anyway, I had a lovely day, then I went home ate smarties (despite the beeswax coating), cuddled my kitten and (finally) took delivery of my washer-dryer. I also watced gems tv, a truely horrible sky channel and dreamed about rubies. One day – little girl…

Tonight the boy and I are going to supper with my dad and I have managed to bribe the boy to drive me up north at the weekend to see my mummy, as the last time I saw her was New Year – IMAGINE!

I have bought her a wicked mothers day gift though. I can’t wait to see her face…

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